Sunday, July 12, 2009

The shower is on..

I had to have a fiddle & get the shower going in the en-suite, if we had hot water I probably would have jumped in, well no maybe not what was the temperature yesterday 17 degrees maybe that wouldn't have been a good idea.
The shower screens have been measured up so not sure how long they will take to be made.
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E+R said...

haha, can you imagine you being in the shower and a tradie walks in????? that would have been hilarous!

F+S said...

danma, your house is looking amazing!!! you'll be moved in in no time! this picture makes me so glad we got that shower head - it looks very inviting!!!

danma said...

Not hilarious for the tradies!!!!

I really like the look of the shower head I think that it gives it another dimension. We are so happy with everything & can't wait to get in.