Thursday, September 30, 2010

My new home!!!!

Oh, what could you do with this, I would love to live in this building, it is just stunning. We found it yesterday when we were walking up to pick up the "working one", but didn't have the camera, a different story today.
We caught the train out to Spotswood to go to Scienceworld, had a great time but it was really crowded, it has a test yourself against Cathy Freeman, well, yes we had to do it, my time was 3.78 ( I am sure it was quicker) & the youngest's time was 2.14 & Cathy's time was 2.00, so back to some training if I want to take my position on the Australian Olympic Team for London......
We went up to Chinatown to have dinner but with two kids that think cheese or butter on pasta is disgusting things were bound to end in a few prawn crackers & 2 meals that all they ate were the noodles & that was our dining experience (bring on Christmas, we are heading deep into China with no McDonald's, that will be interesting, rice for all 3 meals)
We tried to get into the Tim Burton exhibition but the line was too long, will try again tomorrow.
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The most interesting arcade

Well here it is the arcade that I just have to go into, the people are electric. They are there all the time & much to my son's horror we have to walk through there just to have a sticky at what they are all wearing.
Some of them have gear that has huge spikes sticking out of it, nothing like what my local Target has in their fashion section.
I just love their style & their individuality not that I could ever do it...way to boring I think.....
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


We have touched the turf of that famous ground, we did the tour today & got a special treat because Collingwood came in to train, as we were walking down the hall from the dressing rooms they were going in, damn if only we were a bit later..... Some of their guys are very tall & very well built, not that I was looking..........much!!!!!
We then headed to the National Sports Museum & that was great, lots of interactive stuff for both kids & adults.
We played Netball, AFL, Cricket, Soccer (that goal keeper sucked) cycling (I got 400mtrs before I fell in a huge heap, it was really hard), it kept us occupied all day we were there when it opened & left about 2.30. Caught the tram back & as usual ended up at a stop that we didn't want to go to, a quick walk back to the right stop & we were on our way again.
Lydia Lassila the Olympic Gold medalist in the Aerial skiing was there & I was picked for a trivia contest with her & a 10yr old boy, well I came second to the kid, had to let him win....with questions like " How many players have won a Brownlow Medal 3 times?" how would I know!!!! he did but.
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My favourite arcade

Isn't this just beautiful? It's the Block arcade & in the foreground you can see the Hopetoun Tea rooms....yum,yum,yum. We drop the boy off every morning & head straight in there, we look in all the windows & then head straight to the Haigh chocolate shop for our morning fix.
Maybe not this morning cause after he finished work yesterday we hit the Lindt store & guess who's eyes were bigger than their stomach???
Chocolate waffles with chocolate ice cream & chocolate sauce it looked fantastic but way to much chocolate, oh & the drink to go with it, a hot chocolate of course.
We found another arcade yesterday but we only got to the middle & turned around & came out quick smart there was a group of young ones in there, some were punks, some were well just very different, one girl was bald with a spray of green hair in the front, another one was smoking something that was about 1/2 metre long. What was it, I don't know but it looked weird, they did look quite amazing though.
We are off to the hallowed grounds of the MCG today, to go the sports museum. The weather has been bitterly cold with a wind that I am sure is coming from Antartica, it has rained everyday since we got here, it is weird because one minute it's sunny & then it's pouring down.
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Monday, September 27, 2010

Way to cute.....

How cute is this, the bigger baby is Mali she is 9 months old & weighs 450kgs the little one is a boy & is 2 weeks old he now weighs 165kgs with a birth weight of 140kgs. As you have probably guessed we are in Melbourne, we will be here for a week, the eldest is doing work experience down here at a game programming studio so I have both the kids with me.

We have sort of mastered the trams even though today we went to the zoo & had to catch the Number 55 tram which came in just as we got to the crossing, on we hopped & then got to the end of the line when we asked the driver where was the zoo, only to be told you have gone the wrong way, right number but wrong side of town & we thought we were so clever.......
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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

We have a new addition to our family, a 10 week old silver minature poodle, she is just adorable. We got her on Friday night & she has been so good, she cried a little on Friday night when she was left in the laundry to sleep, but she didn't cry last night at all.
We had to get our beloved whippet put down about 9 weeks ago & it was terrible, our youngest cried for ages, it was in the holidays so he was at home & he had heaps of time to think about it. Then to top it off he broke his arm, so was not one of the best holidays that we have had.
So we have this beautiful little girl to love,, she is black at the moment but with silver under her fur, when she has her first haircut she will loose all the black & turn silver.

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad's out there, have a great day......
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