Tuesday, December 15, 2009


A close up of the rolled up newspaper nativity set. It is so lovely, there is so much work in the set it must take ages for the woman to make.
I also got myself some Christmas decorations made out of Coke cans & I love them as well, maybe not as much as I love that "diet coke"!!!!!!! that I am addicted to...........
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Friday, December 11, 2009

A new look for our bedroom....

We finally got a bedroom suite for us, I didn't want to wait the 8-10 weeks that they were quoting so I just thought if we find something it will be meat to be.....
Well I got a call from a Snooze shop that we had been in & they were moving & selling all their floor stock, so how about this we brought it at 8.00pm on a Thursday night & it was delivered at 9.30pm that night..... wt.........I thought that the white lounge was good but this one has topped the cake......
I have a picture being re-framed for behind the bed but it isn't ready as yet, also have to get my hubby to put up my ladies that are resting on my drawers.......
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Looking down through the house.....

We have ordered & console for under where the Santa wall hanging is, it is coming from Italy (from the same manufacturer of the table) it won't be here till March or April.
Hopefully they will remember to order it not like the lounge (different shop thought).......
I found a scratch on the table & I was mortified I asked a glass polisher to see if he could take it out, but he said it was too deep & you would see where he had done it. I thought that it was from a handbag or something that we had done but he said it had been done with a knife.
I spoke to Brescia & told them what had happened & they said that it must have been done when they opened the packaging . Well the best news is that they have ordered the panel from Italy & are replacing it for free.
I thought that because I didn't see it that they would have said its your problem not ours...but they didn't & we will have a new panel on it probably sometime in January..
I was so happy with their service & commitment to their customer that I have told anyone that will listen to me rabbit on........
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Hall table

Everything has been Christmased (is that a word???it is now).

I have a white hall stand & it was the perfect spot for my new Nativity, it came from overseas & it's made up of rolled up newspapers, it would take them ages to make.
The woman make them in villages to make ends meet, I just love it.
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Great place to hang big Xmas balls

I brought these balls years ago & have always used them in our old house but finding somewhere to put them here was a challenge.
Then I found the perfect spot hanging off the stand-offs............
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The green room has changed....

A new lounge for my lounge room, this is where I spend most of my time when I am not in the kitchen or doing other stuff.
We went for leather again & it's really comfy I just lay on the 3 seater & sometimes fall asleep, still don't have a pic for the wall but we will find one soon I hope.
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Some new pics.

I have been so so busy, I thought that it would all stop once we moved in but it has got worse.
The kids have been on holidays for 2 weeks & we are off down the coast on Sunday to do our annual Christmas run with my 2 (getting too big to be) elves........ We drop off our customers Chrissy presents, it's fun to do & we can go to the beach after we have finished all our work.
This is our lounge room that hardly gets used, have got a couple of new lamps & a bit of Chrissy stuff.....
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