Friday, December 11, 2009

Looking down through the house.....

We have ordered & console for under where the Santa wall hanging is, it is coming from Italy (from the same manufacturer of the table) it won't be here till March or April.
Hopefully they will remember to order it not like the lounge (different shop thought).......
I found a scratch on the table & I was mortified I asked a glass polisher to see if he could take it out, but he said it was too deep & you would see where he had done it. I thought that it was from a handbag or something that we had done but he said it had been done with a knife.
I spoke to Brescia & told them what had happened & they said that it must have been done when they opened the packaging . Well the best news is that they have ordered the panel from Italy & are replacing it for free.
I thought that because I didn't see it that they would have said its your problem not ours...but they didn't & we will have a new panel on it probably sometime in January..
I was so happy with their service & commitment to their customer that I have told anyone that will listen to me rabbit on........
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