Monday, September 14, 2009

New lounge after the long wait....

We got one!!!! that's the lounge. It is beautiful & the best thing was I went to have a look at it on Thurday night after Cricket training,that was after my husband had found it late on Thursday afternoon. Then my husband & eldest son came over & we paid the deposit at 8.00pm & they delivered it at 1.00pm on Friday. Now that is service for you.
After the lounge arrived I went looking for a rug & found 2 that I liked, my husband found 2 more & brought 4 rugs home to try them & we liked this one the most.
It is Analine leather & it is so comfortable & soft to touch.
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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New dining room table

Our new dining room table arrived a week or so ago, but I haven't had a lot of time to take a pic of it. But here it is now, I love it. That is much to my husbands horror as the table we had would not sit straight where the glass extensions met. They had 4 goes at getting it right but it just would not sit right, so I decided that we would go & have a look at a different table as we were not meant to get that one.
So we went to Alexandria on a Thursday night & I found this one, it's Italian with the most beautiful leather seats & they are so soft & smooth, but it came with the huge price tag. Oh well I think that it's gorgeous even though the husband & son like the other one!!!!!!

So today brought a few more drama's to our life, we brought a new leather lounge from Myers back in the beginning of June & was told that it would take around 12 weeks to arrive. The delivery date was the 2/9/09 so yesterday I started chasing it again as I am sick of not having a lounge in the room that it was for.
After no real answer I called again today & was told that I would get it delivered either late this week or early next week. Then I get a call from the company that Myers ordered the lounge from only to tell me that there was a delay & it would be another 8 weeks till we got the lounge.
Well, NO it won't be another 8 weeks because I have cancelled it, I then rang Myers & told them & I also am going to send the rug back that we brought to go with the lounge. After all this the guy at Myers called me back & then told me that the supplier hadn't even ordered the new lounge. Well that is fantastic customer service I would say!!!!! Not!!!!!
And then to top the day off, we are still waiting for the cheque from the Real Estate for the rent that we are owed & some emergency electrical work that had to be done on the house that we paid for. After chasing them for around a month, the girl that I have dealt with told me to take them to the tribunal to get the money back!!!!
So I rang the tribunal & they said they have 14 days from the date of the electrical work being done to give us the money back for that & it was done on the 25/7 a lot more than 14 days, I would think!!!
I was so angry with them, we used to pay our rent 8 weeks in advance, we got the bond back on the 20/8 & she tells me to take them to the tribunal. Well you know what, I will because now they have got me really angry, so I have started the process today they have 7 days to pay the money or it's off to court we go!!!!
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