Sunday, July 11, 2010

Check out my red plaster

This is the fold out sofa on the other side of the library, and yes it houses only a quarter of my cookbooks, and yes I have a cookbook there a cookbooks anonymous???? I love all of them well no but I just don't have the heart to send them on their merry way....

Anyway back to the story, it's all about the boy, he has his nice red cast on but we will be back at the doctors tomorrow because it is rubbing on his thumb so not sure if they can fix it or if the will have to put another one on.

It has this special foam stuff inside it & that is what makes it waterproof, it seems that the foam stuff has come away from the plaster around his thumb & it is rubbing on him.

Lucky its school holidays..........
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The Library

I say it all the time and I will say it again we are slowly getting there, this is the upstairs living area it was a total waste of space to us, because we have 3 living area's downstairs we were not using this room.
So we put our thinking caps on & came up with this, it has a queen bed sofa in there as well & it serves us well for when we have kids staying. Usually they want to sleep upstairs were everyone is so that they feel like they are not on their own.
Pictures are not up on the wall as yet because I'm not sure what I want for the other side so it can stay like this till we find something else.
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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Look at my arm!!!!

The back slab is going on tomorrow & the full cast probably on Monday as it is too swollen for a full cast.
He did it at soccer training he hadn't even started he was wanting to try out to be the goal keeper for a week when their keeper was going to be away & something happened & he hit his arm on the post.
So no soccer, no indoor cricket, no winter cricket, no school sport & no huge bike ride that we were going to do with 8 boys in tow on Friday. Oh well hopefully he will be all good for the cricket finals & lucky it's his left arm as he can still bowl, but he is to try out for a Rep Cricket team as a bowler & wicket keeper that may now just be a dream, till next year.......
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A clean bedroom....

I spent the morning with some help from the boys cleaning up this room.
There is still some more to do but it will do for now, We then spent the later part of the afternoon at the doctors because guess who has a broken arm????
Yes it's our youngest!!!
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