Tuesday, December 15, 2009


A close up of the rolled up newspaper nativity set. It is so lovely, there is so much work in the set it must take ages for the woman to make.
I also got myself some Christmas decorations made out of Coke cans & I love them as well, maybe not as much as I love that "diet coke"!!!!!!! that I am addicted to...........
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Friday, December 11, 2009

A new look for our bedroom....

We finally got a bedroom suite for us, I didn't want to wait the 8-10 weeks that they were quoting so I just thought if we find something it will be meat to be.....
Well I got a call from a Snooze shop that we had been in & they were moving & selling all their floor stock, so how about this we brought it at 8.00pm on a Thursday night & it was delivered at 9.30pm that night..... wt.........I thought that the white lounge was good but this one has topped the cake......
I have a picture being re-framed for behind the bed but it isn't ready as yet, also have to get my hubby to put up my ladies that are resting on my drawers.......
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Looking down through the house.....

We have ordered & console for under where the Santa wall hanging is, it is coming from Italy (from the same manufacturer of the table) it won't be here till March or April.
Hopefully they will remember to order it not like the lounge (different shop thought).......
I found a scratch on the table & I was mortified I asked a glass polisher to see if he could take it out, but he said it was too deep & you would see where he had done it. I thought that it was from a handbag or something that we had done but he said it had been done with a knife.
I spoke to Brescia & told them what had happened & they said that it must have been done when they opened the packaging . Well the best news is that they have ordered the panel from Italy & are replacing it for free.
I thought that because I didn't see it that they would have said its your problem not ours...but they didn't & we will have a new panel on it probably sometime in January..
I was so happy with their service & commitment to their customer that I have told anyone that will listen to me rabbit on........
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Hall table

Everything has been Christmased (is that a word???it is now).

I have a white hall stand & it was the perfect spot for my new Nativity, it came from overseas & it's made up of rolled up newspapers, it would take them ages to make.
The woman make them in villages to make ends meet, I just love it.
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Great place to hang big Xmas balls

I brought these balls years ago & have always used them in our old house but finding somewhere to put them here was a challenge.
Then I found the perfect spot hanging off the stand-offs............
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The green room has changed....

A new lounge for my lounge room, this is where I spend most of my time when I am not in the kitchen or doing other stuff.
We went for leather again & it's really comfy I just lay on the 3 seater & sometimes fall asleep, still don't have a pic for the wall but we will find one soon I hope.
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Some new pics.

I have been so so busy, I thought that it would all stop once we moved in but it has got worse.
The kids have been on holidays for 2 weeks & we are off down the coast on Sunday to do our annual Christmas run with my 2 (getting too big to be) elves........ We drop off our customers Chrissy presents, it's fun to do & we can go to the beach after we have finished all our work.
This is our lounge room that hardly gets used, have got a couple of new lamps & a bit of Chrissy stuff.....
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Monday, September 14, 2009

New lounge after the long wait....

We got one!!!! that's the lounge. It is beautiful & the best thing was I went to have a look at it on Thurday night after Cricket training,that was after my husband had found it late on Thursday afternoon. Then my husband & eldest son came over & we paid the deposit at 8.00pm & they delivered it at 1.00pm on Friday. Now that is service for you.
After the lounge arrived I went looking for a rug & found 2 that I liked, my husband found 2 more & brought 4 rugs home to try them & we liked this one the most.
It is Analine leather & it is so comfortable & soft to touch.
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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New dining room table

Our new dining room table arrived a week or so ago, but I haven't had a lot of time to take a pic of it. But here it is now, I love it. That is much to my husbands horror as the table we had would not sit straight where the glass extensions met. They had 4 goes at getting it right but it just would not sit right, so I decided that we would go & have a look at a different table as we were not meant to get that one.
So we went to Alexandria on a Thursday night & I found this one, it's Italian with the most beautiful leather seats & they are so soft & smooth, but it came with the huge price tag. Oh well I think that it's gorgeous even though the husband & son like the other one!!!!!!

So today brought a few more drama's to our life, we brought a new leather lounge from Myers back in the beginning of June & was told that it would take around 12 weeks to arrive. The delivery date was the 2/9/09 so yesterday I started chasing it again as I am sick of not having a lounge in the room that it was for.
After no real answer I called again today & was told that I would get it delivered either late this week or early next week. Then I get a call from the company that Myers ordered the lounge from only to tell me that there was a delay & it would be another 8 weeks till we got the lounge.
Well, NO it won't be another 8 weeks because I have cancelled it, I then rang Myers & told them & I also am going to send the rug back that we brought to go with the lounge. After all this the guy at Myers called me back & then told me that the supplier hadn't even ordered the new lounge. Well that is fantastic customer service I would say!!!!! Not!!!!!
And then to top the day off, we are still waiting for the cheque from the Real Estate for the rent that we are owed & some emergency electrical work that had to be done on the house that we paid for. After chasing them for around a month, the girl that I have dealt with told me to take them to the tribunal to get the money back!!!!
So I rang the tribunal & they said they have 14 days from the date of the electrical work being done to give us the money back for that & it was done on the 25/7 a lot more than 14 days, I would think!!!
I was so angry with them, we used to pay our rent 8 weeks in advance, we got the bond back on the 20/8 & she tells me to take them to the tribunal. Well you know what, I will because now they have got me really angry, so I have started the process today they have 7 days to pay the money or it's off to court we go!!!!
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Long thin windows...

We had problems with the long thin windows with the blinds, in hindsight I should have put plantation shutters but I got these so it's a case of live with it....
What happened is that the chains were made the same size drop as the windows but when you tried to bring the roller down it didn't roll down smoothly at all. So the chains were all changed to be longer to make them roll down better, it has worked but I don't think that I would have these again in the windows that are this shape.
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Blockout blind down

This pic is with the blockout blinds down. You still get light in around the top & sides but it hasn't been a problem to us in the bedroom.
The media room has them as well & we are still working out whether to put a pelmet at the top to cover the light that is coming in.
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Sunscreen blinds

I have been asked about the blinds that we have in our house. We have double rollers the first blind is the sunscreen one, during the day you can see out with no trouble at all but at night it reverses & the outside can see in but you can't see out.
That is why you have the double blinds so that you can use the blockout blind at night & during the hot summer days.
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Friday, August 21, 2009

Our doggie is home....

He came back this afternoon & he has seemed to have settled in really quickly (let's hope that I don't jinx myself).
He is so thin & the vet told my husband that he was refusing to eat (so he went on a hunger strike in protest). They called into work on their way home & I had some chicken that was left over from my lunch & he ate it up so quickly & was looking for more. I have feed him 3 times already as I want him to get a lot of little bits of food, to try & fatten him up.
We won't take him for a walk outside as someone will report me for sure as they will think that I have starved him. He is skinny anyway but he is a bag of bones at the moment.
We also have got some tadpoles in a water bowl in the garden so we will keep an eye on them & hopefully soon we will have frogs.....
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What boys do.....

So this is what boys do when they want more excitement than what the trampoline gives them....
They were trying to get up the tree, where they successful? not this time, the eldest son could get up to the top of the trampoline, but not into the tree.
Lets see what tomorrow brings......
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Laundry screen door..

We wanted a very plain screen door for both the bedroom & the laundry. This is what we got & we are very happy with the look. The colour is Ironstone to match the other door.
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And a different view

It was great to potter around in the garden when I got home from work. I can't wait for daylight saving to start, all those extra hours of light in the evening.....
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What a difference a day makes....

We have a backyard, the kids have been kicking the ball around & climbing the tree. A friend suggested that we get a seat built around the tree in the middle. We had a couple of girls over from school yesterday & they were in the tree as well. It's a weed tree but it's a great climbing tree, I wonder who will break their arm first??? Our dog is coming home today, he has been at the kennels for 3 weeks so I am sure that he will have lost a huge amount of weight, he misses us heaps but he will be back up to his skinny self in no time (he is a whippet, so he is really skinny anyway).
I have been planting some of the plants that I had in pots along the fence & I think that I will get some other plants over the weekend, hopefully the weather will be good.
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Monday, August 17, 2009

The shed with a kennel...

The shed went in last week but we can't use it as it has to have silicone put around the bottom & there is a piece on the top that is wrong. They are due back either today or tomorrow our doggy is at the kennels as we haven't had fences, we now have fences down both sides but no gates.
He will love his new yard as the poor bugger has had astro turf at the rental house, he will also be able to run around.
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Work in progress

The landscapers came today & they have leveled out the backyard & put a heap of soil on top of that. They will lay the turf tomorrow & I can't wait for that as it is so very dirty & dusty out there. As soon as they did their bit in the yard it looked 100% better so I am sure when the turf goes down it will look fantastic.
I now have a clothesline, gave it a big workout yesterday with the lovely weather that Sydney put on for my new line......
The dining room table has gone back, they brought out a replacement bottom for it (as it wasn't sliding properly) but they couldn't fix it so they took everything back. I now have 10 chairs & nothing to put them under......
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Thursday, August 13, 2009

And from the other end...

The same room but from the other end. He loves his desk & we need something nice on the walls, but we will look for that when we start to get out & about again.
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And the other ones room....

Our youngest son's room is nearly finished, they are all works in progress but last night his bookcase & desk were put up & this is how it looks. We still have some of his stuff in storage but it will be a few weeks away before we are able to get it.
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

One of the kids rooms....

This is our eldest son's room, his desk & shelves & bedside table came yesterday so he spent last night sorting them out. He is a total neat freak & this room will look like this all the time, he even brought the vacuum upstairs for me to give it a once over. We are going to look for a smaller bookcase or something to fill the gap between his desk & shelves up. He doesn't want anything on the walls as yet but we might find something that he likes. I think that it really suits him & he loves it so that is the main thing.
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Yes, It's the kitchen again.....

Had to show you my beautiful flowers & vase that some of the Mum's at school brought for us. We got a lovely card the wine & the flowers & vase, they are stunning.
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Triple stacker open

The screen door on the triple stacker opens to look like this. I went to open the other door but the blinds have been put too close to the door & I can't open it. So I will get on to the blinds guy to come back out & fix it.
Hope this pic helps, if you need any others let me know.
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Guest Bedroom

The blinds are in, I still haven't found the perfect picture for the wall behind the bed, but I am looking.
I made this quilt for our bed for the other house that we were building but when it all went pear shaped I lost interest in it. Anyway I got my act together & finished it off & here it is. We brought a new bed for ourselves & it doesn't fit on it so the guest bedroom gets to use it.
I just need to find a couple of bedside lights for here & the picture & this room will be finished.
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