Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wire's from the Alfresco Area

Just another view of the balustrade. Will have to put this one on our website......... That's when the fences & the landscaping is done of course......
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Stairs out the back

The stairs went in today as well, they have a 90mm top rail with 50mm stainless uprights & 3.2mm stainless wire through them. This is what we do for a living & of course we wanted to use this in our home, we think it looks great & are very happy with it (but we are biased of course).
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Privacy Screen

Today was "Super Thursday" as I called it, at one stage there was 13 people there working.

The privacy screen went in, we hadn't seen it but had described what we wanted we are very happy with the end result.
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Twas the day before handover....

Driveways are done, painting done, fly screens are in, balustrading is done, privacy screen is in, dunny gone, fence gone, still a bit of rubbish out the front (but I am sure that will go) & she is ready for her new owners..... That's were we come in..... Tomorrow morning at 7.30am will be there to get the keys to our new home. Can I wait??? well that would be a big fat No, & am I sad that it has finished???? That would be a big fat Yes.....
I went to the Bank to get the cheque today & as I waited for the teller to print it out, the tears welled in my eyes as I thought, this is it, I won't be going to the Bank to get any more cheques for our house, I won't be going over there with enthusiasm to see what has happened that day, I won't be getting the coffee's & doughnuts for whoever is working there. This is the end of this chapter, I know that it is only just beginning for us but I was sad & as I walked out of the Bank the tears rolled down my face.

Tomorrow will be a busy day as we move some of our stuff into the new house & fluff around over there.

Are we happy with it, Yes were are, everything has turned the way that we hoped it would, the kids are waiting impatiently for their new room & tomorrow they will take the day off to share in the excitement that the new house will bring.
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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bedroom 1

Looks messy now, but after all the offcuts are gone it will look like our carpeted bedroom. We are so so close now & I am so so excited.
I am calling tomorrow "Super Thursday" there are so many people due to do their things at "our place" (can I call it that) that it will be so much fun to see.
Only 2 more no sleeps for us now (I call it no sleeps cause that's how much sleep I am getting)
Hopefully I will like camping at our new house if not I will go back to the rental & live in the quiet without the kids.....
The Real Estate called yesterday to ask if it was possible for us to be out for next Friday, I want to get the house all clean & lovely so I will call them on Monday to let them know.
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Downstairs carpet is in...

The concretors have formed up the driveway in preperation for tomorrows's pour.
I have changed the removalist to come on Monday as I was concerned that they would damage the concrete as they were taking in all our stuff.
We will do the camping on the floor on the weekend (for anyone that knows me, I don't do camping so this will be something new!!!) my husband says that I think that camping is a 4 star hotel!!!
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Monday, July 27, 2009

I have something to tell you!!!!!!!

Well, I have been packing for a couple of weeks now, but today there has been a certain amount of urgency in that packing because..........we are moving!!!! Well you all knew that but when????


Am I going to be able to sleep for the next 4 nights???? I don't think so!!!!!

Oh, Did I tell you we have handover on Friday, Oh, I did didn't I......

Only 4 more sleeps to go!!!!!

Concrete done.

The side & the back of the house have been concreted today but after they did it I think that the neighbours cat decided that it was a really nice place to go for it's morning walk!!!!!

Oh well the guys got it out so hopefully the cat has done it's morning exercise now & next time it comes over the concrete will be dry!!!!
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Ensuite Mirror

That's the ensuite, with the glass door & with the mirror in.... I can't wait to use it.....
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Ensuite Shower Screen

The glass shower screen is in the ensuite, the glass door is on but it needs a little adjustment, as it won't stay closed.
The windows in the en suite were to be made translucent but something went wrong & when the guys turned up to change the glass over they only had the middle panel.....oopsie someone made a boo boo!!!!

So we have clear glass on either end & translucent in the middle!!!!!
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Downstairs Powder room...

The shower screens are in & the mirrors are also in. The toilet paper has disappeared, not sure what has happened but someone has replaced the good toilet paper with cheap hard awful stuff. I'm thinking what the...... I could not believe that someone would take the toot paper, oh well I hope that they put it to good use!!!!!
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

And a close-up....

All that stress over the stand-off's being scratched in the air freight shipment that we got is all behind us now. I remember opening the box to find them so badly damaged that I nearly chucked the biggest wobble on the planet. My husband was overseas so I thought better of it as it wasn't worth the effort as no-one would have seen it anyway.
They remade them, packed them individually in layers & layers of bubblewrap & sent them again. We had them custom made so that the stand-off 's (the bottom one) & the handrail fitting were the same size.

The stairs have to be sanded & lacquered again so they will be a little bit darker than what is coming up in the pic here at the moment.
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From the front door

Ok, so I know that I am totally mad but this is a pic looking from the front door through to the back, with the glass in.
My eldest son loves the glass as well, the youngest couldn't care less as long as he can play on the computer & run around he is happy.I just hope that the light looks good in that void.
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It's in........

What can I say??? Heaps I would think, I am now in love with something else, it's 12mm thick & it looks amazing. It's my glass balustrade with 45mm stainless steel stand off's on the bottom & 45mm hand rail supports on the top. The handrail is 38mm brushed stainless steel tube, I am beside myself only the kids and myself have seen it as my husband is at work. Grandma & Grandpa are on their way over to have a look lets hope that everyone likes it.
We are so close now the carpets may go in tomorrow, my stomach is jumping I don't think that I will be able to stand the wait.
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Balcony Top Rails on.....

Have just come into work & here I am blogging had to post the pic's for everyone to see (is my husband going to sack me???? I don't think so!!!)
The balcony top rails went on, they are brushed stainless steel the sizes are 50mm on the top with 38mm tube on the uprights & a 16mm tube in between, with cover plates over the base plates.
Once the covers come off the inserts in the front door I think that they will tie in really nicely.
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Hot Water Thingo.....

So that's the technical term, but this is used to make the hot water circulate around the pipes so that when you turn the hot water tap on, you will get hot water. Hopefully it will help to stop the wasting of water while you wait for the hot water to get to you.

I don't know if it works as yet because the hot water system hasn't been installed & we won't get it installed until after handover.

As I type this the glass is going in!!!!! I am going back over there to see it finished they were drilling in all the stand off's when I was there (with a template) as the glass is too heavy to drill them while holding onto it. I could see the glass in the van, I just can't wait to see it in, I was awake at 4.13am this morning counting down the hours. Lets hope that I love it!!!!!
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

And from the front...

I went looking for a pic of the front of the house with the right doors on & with it all painted but couldn't find one. So I went over there this morning & had to rectify that, so here it is, still with the outside dunny but you get the idea.

The concretors are due to start on Friday, yippee on that front so much is waiting on them getting their bit done. It looks like we are around 2 - 3 weeks away from handover & then we will move in the week after that, it will then mean that we will be out of the rental for the date that they wanted us out for.

Our SS has moved heaven & earth for this to happen & we are eternally grateful to him for everything that he has done. Thank you is just not enough sometimes.......
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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Down The back

I haven't ventured out past the kitchen lately, but I took a walk down the backyard to have a look at how the tiles look now that they have been laid on the Alfresco area.

The grass is huge & it was still a bit wet, I was looking out for some wildlife in the grass, I was sure that there would be a snake down there!!!

Not much more to go, the concreter's are due this week, that leaves the shower screens, fly screens, paint touch-ups & carpet still to come.

The blinds have been ordered & the lights, but I think that I haven't ordered enough lights so I am doing a quick check on that one.

The privacy screen will be ready early next week & the glass balustrade is going in on Thursday, I am so looking forward to that.

First party at the new house will be the Under 12's Indoor Cricket Grand Final Party, how many kids will we have??? Probably about 20-25 plus parents so I am thinking of doing a sausage sizzle for after the final game with all of our team plus some of the other kids that go to the same school but play in a different team. What am I thinking!!!! Am I mad???? Well of course I am but I want our kids to have a home that their buddies can enjoy as well. For nearly 2 years we have been living in a house that is as big as a postage stamp & they haven't really had many friends visit as we just don't have the room for more than a few kids at a time.
So party time at the new house how will it fair???? Only time will tell!!!!
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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Light Fitting

We have picked this fitting for the void above the staircase. I had found a large aluminium ball that I thought would look good, but my husband & kids didn't like it (it was less than 1/2 the price of this one).

We went shopping yesterday & found this light, my husband liked it, that was until he found out the price, it's got a massive price tag, but hey you can't take it with you, so we might as well go the whole hog. But after getting our eldest son to photoshop it into the space & going back there today, we have decided that we love it & it will fit in the space that we want it to go in to.

We now can be called Mr & Mrs Upgrade.........& the upgrade kids...... (hope my Father's not reading this, he thinks that I am OTT!!)
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Oh, that would be a clean kitchen....

Ok so I have gone absolutely mad on my kitchen (god help anyone that goes near it) but it is clean & this is what it looks like with no dust all over the bench top.

I just cannot wait now, it is doing my head in. We will have to move in without the appliances as they will go in after handover.
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Friday, July 17, 2009

Waterfall Benchtop

Well this could be kitchen pic 8!!!! I have brought two white leather stools for under the bench in this photo. They are at home all wrapped up & ready to put in, can I wait???? well that would be a big no I would think!!!!
My eldest son said this morning, if they can't get the driveways poured can we move in anyway??? When I said no we will have to wait till that happens he said I can't wait Mum, I'm so excited.... He has never said anything about our new house, we have dragged them all over the place to pick the bricks & all the laminate & everything else that goes with it & we very rarely get any comments out of them. But to hear him today, he is excited & he wants to move in.......
They don't know it yet but I want to go light fitting shopping tomorrow, so I hope that their ipod & gameboy is charged........
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Kitchen Pic.... Part 7

And a pic from the other side of the kitchen.... Well can you ever have too many kitchen pic's ?????

I don't think so........
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Kitchen Pic.... Part 6

I think I'm up to part 6 but yes this is another kitchen pic...... This time the covers are off the bench tops..... so I had to run my hand over them, the cleaners are in as I type & when I get over there this afternoon when I run my hand over that bench top it will be smooth & clean & not dusty like it was this morning.
As I am typing this I can feel my insides jumping I am getting excited now, well not excited I am busting from the inside out!!!!!! I don't want to get like that just yet, as we are not quite finished.
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Grouting Continues.

It's a but finished in this pic, just a little bit around the kitchen cupboards to be done & the I think that the tilers were really happy about that.

And yep that's my dirty shoes in the photo, oops I should have moved them.....
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From Back to Front

Tiles are all grouted & this pic is taken from one of the triple stackers looking to the front doors.
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Thursday, July 16, 2009

And a bit more tiling....

They are still putting down the edge tiles so that they can grout them, not sure who is coming in next, hopefully the painters will turn up soon to touch up & then there is really not much more to do.

We had an eventful morning, the Real Estate called to ask could they come around & take a look at the house that we are renting, so no problems come on over. I then get told the owners are coming as well, oh no I've started packing I have boxes everywhere & the kids are on holidays. The eldest son & I spent yesterday afternoon cleaning & making the house beautiful so when 5 of them arrive at 8.15am this morning I am thinking this is just like a open house.
They were so happy they thanked us for keeping the house in the condition it was in & the lady owner said it looks much better than when they lived there. The Real Estate lady said she thought it was the best kept rental home she had ever seen. So everyone was happy, I'm happy that they are happy & they are happy that their home has been looked after. They were so nice they said if we need any extra time they will work with us so that we can stay, so it was a good morning all around.
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