Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Down The back

I haven't ventured out past the kitchen lately, but I took a walk down the backyard to have a look at how the tiles look now that they have been laid on the Alfresco area.

The grass is huge & it was still a bit wet, I was looking out for some wildlife in the grass, I was sure that there would be a snake down there!!!

Not much more to go, the concreter's are due this week, that leaves the shower screens, fly screens, paint touch-ups & carpet still to come.

The blinds have been ordered & the lights, but I think that I haven't ordered enough lights so I am doing a quick check on that one.

The privacy screen will be ready early next week & the glass balustrade is going in on Thursday, I am so looking forward to that.

First party at the new house will be the Under 12's Indoor Cricket Grand Final Party, how many kids will we have??? Probably about 20-25 plus parents so I am thinking of doing a sausage sizzle for after the final game with all of our team plus some of the other kids that go to the same school but play in a different team. What am I thinking!!!! Am I mad???? Well of course I am but I want our kids to have a home that their buddies can enjoy as well. For nearly 2 years we have been living in a house that is as big as a postage stamp & they haven't really had many friends visit as we just don't have the room for more than a few kids at a time.
So party time at the new house how will it fair???? Only time will tell!!!!
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F+S said...

It's all coming together, danma! How exciting! I think I would be going mad knowing that I was *this* close to being able to move in! I'm sure your boys will love the house - they'll have tonnes of room, inside and outside, to entertain all of their friends. I know I would have loved to have grown up in a house like that :D

danma said...

Thanks guys, I am so excited now, I can see the end is not too far away.
The boys can't wait either, they would move in today if they could. They don't care that we have no driveways or carpet or hot water or shower screens. I think that they would as soon as they had the cold shower.....

E+R said...

You are so close now Danma!!! That party is going to be fantastic, you'll finally be able to entertain properly and show everyone your beautiful new home!

It's so great to hear that the kids are so excited, it makes everything worth it!

danma said...

Do you think that I will be able to have fun with that many boys running around? Might stick them in the garage & let them run loose in there!!! I am sure that after playing cricket they will all be feral!!! No need for the red cordial!!!

E+R said...

Well, you do have a/c in the garage so there's an idea... ;-)

Themax said...

Sorry I meant the Cricket party, I think I said Football in my post.Pardon me.