Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Privacy Lock

The door handles are on but I forgot to check to see if the privacy locks were done, well yes they are & this is what they look like.

So we shouldn't have any unwanted visitors while being on the loo or having that relaxing spa!!!!!
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E+R said...

Nice... Do the locks have a safety way of opening them from the outside? sticking a pin in them or something like that? (if a child gets stucked in there or something like that)

danma said...

Not sure on that, I will check when I can get to them. I think the tiles will have to be grouted before I can get to any of them.

danma said...

There is a little round hole in the front of the handle, that must be the emergency exit,hopefully we won't ever have to use it.

E+R said...

Thanks, that must be it.

Yeah, hopefully they'll never get used but it's good to know they are there if you ever need them.

Thanks for having a look for me