Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Piering nearly finished

Went out this afternoon to see what had been done today, they were waiting for the concrete truck to arrive so that all the remaining piers could be filled. It looked like a construction site today and hopefully the weather will hold out for us so that all the concreting can be done.
My other news today is I changed my mind on most of the tiles that we picked, after a sleepless night I called Anita this morning and talked to her about our choices. It was then decided to scrap most of what we had picked and start again much to my husbands horror and he now refuses to go back to the tile shop with me. Lucky I have a good friend that is willing to tough it out so we will start again on Friday and see what we can come up with.
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We have huge holes.

Well we have started again and hopefully weather permitting we are on our way. They were doing all the piers and they hit clay on one side and shale on the other, so the clay side had to be dug down deeper so that it hit the shale as well. The engineer had been out and had made the call that they must go deeper. The holes are around 2 metres deep and when I was there I couldn't see the bottom of them. The concrete had been ordered and the pumping truck was there to pump it in, the holes had to be filled up today as they are considered a risk if they are not filled in. It reminded me of Coober Pedy with all the holes maybe we could look for some opal in our 2 metre holes.....
We went out and brought the fans for the bedrooms and the downstairs home office today we purchased the Fanaway Fans from Beacon Lighting, they seem to suit all our needs and our eldest son went with us when we looked at them, he didn't want a fan in his bedroom but after seeing these he quickly changed his mind. They have a remote to control the fan and the light and if you are not using the fan it folds on to the top of the light so that you can't really see it. It was designed by an Australian and he first pitched his idea on The Inventers Show on the ABC in 2005, Beacon Lighting has devolped it with him to get it to what it is today.
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rain, Rain go away...... pretty please.

Well what can I say, take a look at the block, I know it looks more like a creek or a huge mud puddle but that hopefully soon will be our new home. If only the rain would stop for a few weeks so that they can get the slab down, the frame & bricks up & the roof on. If we all cross our fingers, toes, arms & legs it might just happen.
Went out to the display home on the weekend and tried the handles out, we need the bigger ones for the kitchen & bathroom and the smaller ones for the ensuite & maybe the powder room downstairs. I liked the look of them on the cupboards, so I am just waiting for Wisdom to tell me how many I need so that I can get them in.
I also went out and picked up the quote for the tiles & carpet, wait for it........ an extra $20,460, that was on top of the allowance that we have for all of our flooring. I knew that it was going to be huge but what really surprised me was the carpet, it was $6,600 on top of the allowance. Thats what happens when you pick a upgrade.
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Friday, February 13, 2009


 These are the handles that we are looking at getting for the whole house, probably the larger ones but we will go out and check them in the bathrooms and kitchen tomorrow to see what they look like.
They are Hafale Stainless Steel Handles and the code numbers are 114.95.004  for the shorter one and 115.95.005 for the longer one.
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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Working in the rain.

Went over this morning to be greeted with a block that was being worked on in the rain, jumped out of the car, grabbed the camera and took some action shots. There was a green tractor thingo there as well, not sure what they are going to use that for, but I will take the kids over after school to have a look again. We got the latest electrical plan last night and after looking at it we changed a few minor things, like an extra light and where the light switches are being placed.
I also received the sample handles for the kitchen and bathroom cabinets from the supplier and I really like them, I will take the kids out to the display on the weekend and try them out to see what they look like (look out Colt & Mark we are coming out, with the kids!!!!).
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We have Action......

Could not help myself, I went over to the block at lunchtime to see what had been done. The bobcat was still there but I think the guys had gone to get some lunch as they weren't there. This is what has been done this morning, I called Wisdom this morning to see if we were going to get a start today (because of the rain) and they called back to say they were on site. I had a few things to do at work but it killed me to wait this long before I could get over and have a look. Will take the kids over this afternoon after school to have another look, that's not "stalking" is it?????
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Friday, February 6, 2009

Site start Monday or Tuesday.

We have a date for the excavation of either Monday or Tuesday, our file has been with estimating and orders are being placed for all the things that we need to start our build. I know that once they start things will happen really quickly but I am so damn impatient that I would have liked to seen a slab down already. This week has been awful waiting for the start to happen, but now we have a date I look forward to seeing it fly along.
It has been so hot as well, and I am cursing that we have a one room air conditioner in our rental house, though I should be very thankful that we have one at all.
What makes it worse is that if Clarendon hadn't been so slack and done what they did we would have been in our new home already. Oh well we are on our way now and hopefully it won't be too long till we are in.
I have changed the handles on all the cupboards as the ones that are used are not flush they have ends that stick out and I am forever getting my pants caught on them. I have picked a stainless handle that is thinner but I will get a sample and take it out to the display home to see if it looks ok.
We are still waiting for the quote from Di Lorenzo's for our tiles, it is 3 weeks since we did that & they told us it would take 2 weeks, I have called them once & they were going to get back to me but they still haven't, must chase them up again. Though maybe I don't want to know how much extra it is going to be.