Friday, February 6, 2009

Site start Monday or Tuesday.

We have a date for the excavation of either Monday or Tuesday, our file has been with estimating and orders are being placed for all the things that we need to start our build. I know that once they start things will happen really quickly but I am so damn impatient that I would have liked to seen a slab down already. This week has been awful waiting for the start to happen, but now we have a date I look forward to seeing it fly along.
It has been so hot as well, and I am cursing that we have a one room air conditioner in our rental house, though I should be very thankful that we have one at all.
What makes it worse is that if Clarendon hadn't been so slack and done what they did we would have been in our new home already. Oh well we are on our way now and hopefully it won't be too long till we are in.
I have changed the handles on all the cupboards as the ones that are used are not flush they have ends that stick out and I am forever getting my pants caught on them. I have picked a stainless handle that is thinner but I will get a sample and take it out to the display home to see if it looks ok.
We are still waiting for the quote from Di Lorenzo's for our tiles, it is 3 weeks since we did that & they told us it would take 2 weeks, I have called them once & they were going to get back to me but they still haven't, must chase them up again. Though maybe I don't want to know how much extra it is going to be.

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