Thursday, February 12, 2009

Working in the rain.

Went over this morning to be greeted with a block that was being worked on in the rain, jumped out of the car, grabbed the camera and took some action shots. There was a green tractor thingo there as well, not sure what they are going to use that for, but I will take the kids over after school to have a look again. We got the latest electrical plan last night and after looking at it we changed a few minor things, like an extra light and where the light switches are being placed.
I also received the sample handles for the kitchen and bathroom cabinets from the supplier and I really like them, I will take the kids out to the display on the weekend and try them out to see what they look like (look out Colt & Mark we are coming out, with the kids!!!!).
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Amanda said...

Hey guys - any pics of the handles?