Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Downstairs Powder Room

The tilers have started, the floor tiles were put in today on the powder room. All the upstairs bathrooms & toilet have had the concrete layer put down.

The painters have done all the woodwork today & should be back either Thursday or Friday to put the 2nd coat on the walls.

The uprights are in one one side of the house for the fence & the other side will go in tomorrow.

I had to take a run out to Di Lorenzo's today as the en-suite feature tiles were not the right ones, it seems that someone has ordered the wrong style of tile, right colour but wrong shape. They are going to place the order for the right ones, god help anyone that calls to tell me they are either out of stock or the tile has been discontinued. I have been dreading that I would get a call like that, we will wait & see. It will be a brave person that calls.........

Our fantastic CSO leaves today we have had an amazing journey with her as our contact & we are extremely sad to see her go. We wish her well in her new career & have been blessed to have known her if only for a short period of time. Thank you for everything that you have done for us we will always be grateful to you. Even though my husband thinks that I am the worst customer in the world & that she is only going so that she doesn't have to have me anymore...........I just know that's not true!!!!!!!
Don't forget to keep in touch, you know where we live...........well not yet but very very soon......... We will miss you xxxxxx
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Monday, June 29, 2009

1st coat on....

The first coat is on, there is 2 more coats to go on. Just had to pop over as my husband called in & the tilers were there. The feature tiles for the en-suite were the wrong style, so the tiler will call Di-Lorenzo's in the morning to sort it out.
It was too dark to take any photo's but I will be trying to get some tomorrow.

Our fence went down today, the uprights & top rails need to go in so that the concreters can get the concrete to the new fence line.
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Downstairs Powder Room.

I could only get a photo of the downstairs powder room as the staircase was being varnished & I couldn't get up the stairs.
All the bench tops are in but I haven't seen the kitchen as it is covered in cardboard & then has a huge drop sheet over it. Will have to wait a little while to see it, that is much to my horror!!! Me patient????? No that is not one of my best qualities.......
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New Front Doors Arrive....

These are the right front doors, they must have been delivered today as they are sitting in one of the lounge rooms waiting to be installed.
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Painting Started....

The ceilings have had 2 coats of paint & the walls have had 1 coat, that is all in one day.
I was there at early this morning & they were covering everything with plastic so that they couls spay the first coat on.
The tilers will be starting tomorrow, so that painters are going to do all the woodwork, then have a day off as there will be an electrical fit out on Wednesday.
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Friday, June 26, 2009

Well That Would be My Kitchen Part 3

Cornices are in, all the rest is the same as the last kitchen photo, but I couldn't resist taking another kitchen photo.......obsessed with my kitchen........Me???? Well yes......
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Alfresco Area

I spoke to Council yesterday, about changing the privacy screen to translucent glass. Then spoke to one of our customers about putting huge sheets of glass there & it being frameless, but we can't do it as the glass is way to big too be supported only by the bottom. We can put the glass in slotted square tube which may work & I will have to go looking at this as an option.

The concretors were there on Wednesday but because of the rain they had to go, it is still really wet under foot, we have to get the fence demolished & the uprights cemented in so that they can concrete to the fence.
It will mean that the neighbours won't have a fence for a week or so but I have spoken to both of them & they are cool with that.
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Bedroom 1 with Cornices...

Just needs a coat of paint, carpet & some sort of blinds.... ahh blinds that was why I was awake from 2.00am to 4.00am this morning thinking about what we are going to put there....... Ahhh the joys, glad I don't do this for a living.......
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Garage Door On

I know that the door went on around a week ago but it was always up, so when I went over this morning the lovely man doing the cornices was doing the garage cornices & the door was down. So better take that photo while I can...... The colour is Dune, the cladding will also be painted Dune.....The painters are due to start Monday.........
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Water Tank Arrives

The plumbers were busy installing the water tank when I was there, I had a chat with one of them about how it works & what it does. Whenever I have asked a question being a stupid one or not throughout this build, I have always been answered in a way that I could understand. The plumber went to great lengths to show me just how this would work.
It will feed all the toilets & also the washing machine, a 1/2 flush on the toilet uses 3 litres of water a full flush uses 6 litres. This water will come from the tank &if the tank is at around 1/3rd full it will take the water directly from the mains. There will be water in the pipes at all times as it is a charged system, so that means our pipes are all pvc.

We had a little bit of a problem with the blinds yesterday, I had someone come out for a quote and the windows on the front of the house are different because one of them is into brick & the other side is into the cladding.
I wanted to get the dual rollers on the front bedrooms but they will only fit on our bedroom & WIR. The inside of the window on bed 4 is a lot smaller than our bedroom windows & we also have an awning window so the handle sticks into the space where the roller blind would go. I can have venetian blinds but they would also have to be a smaller slat on bedroom 4 so the blinds won't look the same from the street. Not sure what I am going to do now, that's another thing on my list to worry about!!!!!!
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Cornices done in the Bedrooms

Today finds the cornices going in, the boys bedrooms have been done & bedroom 4 & the upper lounge area. The lounge area has a decorative cornice so it takes a little longer to match it up.
The rooms are looking really bright now that everything has been installed. All the carpentry has been done as well.
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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Inside the Pantry....

Behind those doors is this.... The walk in pantry or where my husband wants to put a sauna..........
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Pantry Doors

Behind these doors is the Walk in pantry, it looks really small from this angle but when you open it up it is huge....
The other space is for the fridge.
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My Kitchen ... Part 2

This morning brings a finished kitchen, would have gone over yesterday afternoon but one of the kids had cricket & the other one had a dance at school, so I didn't have very much time before the guys had left for the day. We were really happy when we saw that they were working & that meant we could get in & see the kitchen all but finished.
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Friday, June 19, 2009

That's my Kitchen....

Will I share it with anyone? well maybe, we have that Masterchef experience to complete, I might have to have a practice run first so that I don't stuff up too much. I want the 10/10 score card, just like Matt Moran..........
It will be finished this afternoon, but all the handles won't be on as I have short ordered them.....Doh......how did that happen, well I don't know, but it has happened.
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En-Suite Cupboard....

The en suite cupboard was installed as well but the handles that I got are the wrong size. They fit the front of the drawers but the walls of the drawers are smaller so they don't fit. I have ordered smaller handles & they should be here on Monday.
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We have Laundry Cupboards.....

There is lots happening over at the house today, Laundry cupboards are in & handles are on. The sink has been fitted but has been covered up with cardboard.
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Linen Cupboard Doors.....

This is the extra linen cupboard next to the bathroom (the bathroom door is closed in this photo). This linen cupboard came about cause we moved the toilet to the other side so that both of the kids could have a WIR.
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Cupboard Under the Stairs

We now have the cupboard under the stairs (aka Harry's room). The gyprock has been installed under the stairs as well, the glass will be going in very soon.
All the doors are now on & we also have a garage door (but no photo as yet cause it was up)
The wet areas will be waterproofed tomorrow & the kitchen will be delivered for installation on Friday.
Things are moving along, we still haven't heard from the Real Estate, so I suppose no news is good news.
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

One last one for the night.......

We had a pallet arrive today and on it was this note. We are not quite sure what it actually means, but we thought that it was really funny. B/L stands for Bill Of Lading, the goods came in from China.
I know it's not house related but I need a bit of a laugh at the moment.
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Cookies for the Birthday Boy.....

I made a heap of them on Sunday but was watching a movie & I did make a few of them golden brown, well maybe a little darker than that , but they were very crunchy.
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Cupcakes for The Birthday Boys Class......

Well it's our youngest son's 10th Birthday tomorrow & we had a bit of a production line going with my Cousin & Aunty tonight to get the cookies & cupcakes iced. Stupid me had the air-cond on 26 degrees & the icing did flatten out a bit, well I was cold, It's freezing here at the moment.
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We have a staircase.....

It arrived & was installed today, the poor boys that installed then had to drive back to The Central Coast & there was an accident on the expressway that had a huge backlog of traffic.
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Monday, June 15, 2009

And a Close-Up....

The windows that are all down this side of the house are up high because the Council wanted it that way. I am sure that getting window covering's will prove very expensive, but only time will tell.

Had a call from our SS this afternoon & the best that they can do to get us in the house is the end of August.......Oh No...... So tomorrow I will be pleading with the Real Estate to try & get us some extra time...... Fingers Crossed for us on that one.....
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Down The Media Room Side....

The eaves were put on this side today, the neighbours fence is terrible now but we have to replace both the fences as part of the DA.
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