Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Downstairs Powder Room

The tilers have started, the floor tiles were put in today on the powder room. All the upstairs bathrooms & toilet have had the concrete layer put down.

The painters have done all the woodwork today & should be back either Thursday or Friday to put the 2nd coat on the walls.

The uprights are in one one side of the house for the fence & the other side will go in tomorrow.

I had to take a run out to Di Lorenzo's today as the en-suite feature tiles were not the right ones, it seems that someone has ordered the wrong style of tile, right colour but wrong shape. They are going to place the order for the right ones, god help anyone that calls to tell me they are either out of stock or the tile has been discontinued. I have been dreading that I would get a call like that, we will wait & see. It will be a brave person that calls.........

Our fantastic CSO leaves today we have had an amazing journey with her as our contact & we are extremely sad to see her go. We wish her well in her new career & have been blessed to have known her if only for a short period of time. Thank you for everything that you have done for us we will always be grateful to you. Even though my husband thinks that I am the worst customer in the world & that she is only going so that she doesn't have to have me anymore...........I just know that's not true!!!!!!!
Don't forget to keep in touch, you know where we live...........well not yet but very very soon......... We will miss you xxxxxx
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