Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Media Room Insulation

I went over yesterday on my way out to buy our youngest son some really warm clothes as he was off to camp in The Blue Mountains..... What was the school thinking booking a camp for 40 kids in winter in the mountains. Katoomba has a maximum temperature of 5 degrees today!!!!! I am at work with around 10 layers of clothes on & he is telling me that he will need short sleeves on his camp...... I somehow think not but being a sucker I packed them for him........ I am sure he will wear them on one of the days....... Anyway back to the media room, when I got there I asked the installers if the blue batts were the soundproofing batts & they were but they only had them for between the boys bedrooms & nowhere else. I was sure that we had them in the Media Room but after a call to Wisdom we didn't have them in that room. As they had to come back to finish off today they brought out the soundproof batts & we now have them in the Media room & in the ceiling of the Home Office which is below our bedroom. Hopefully that will make anyone that stays life a bit quieter.
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