Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tiles Have Arrived

The Gutters & Eaves were being installed this afternoon when we went over,the guys thought that they had about an hour & a half of work left but they were hoping to get it all done by the time the light had left them. If not they were going to go back tomorrow and finish it.
It is very hard to see the gutters because of all the scaffolding I am just hopefull that the colours that we picked look good.
The roof tiles were delivered today with a start likely this week (that is depending on the weather).
I don't know what the timber is for but I suppose we will find out soon enough.
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Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Brickies Have finished....Yeah

Ok they were a great bunch of guys but I am so happy they have moved on to their next job, cause that means ours is finished. The front window sill still has to be done but that is because the scaffolding is in the way for them to put the bricks there (you can see it to the left of the photo).
The 2 different colour bricks I am really happy with & I think that it needs something as a contrast, when the handrail goes up on top of the balcony the stainless with the darker brick hopefully will look great.
Our SS called on Friday to see if we wanted the leftover bricks to which I say of course we do!!! so what do we need to do to keep them, move them to the backyard all 800 of them.
I know what you are thinking get your husband to do it, well he was relaxing in Business Class no less on his way overseas, ha ha so off we go with one of my sons besties & we moved them all today. Anyway there is new plumbing pipes downstairs so I am thinking that its for the toilets, showers etc. The tiles & gutters have been booked so hopefully some of it will happen next week.
Things are moving along, & hopefully the weather will hold for all the other outdoor things that need to be done.
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bricking still in progress....

Well we haven't been pleasing the rain gods, our run of bad luck with the weather is still continuing. I called around yesterday but no one was working hopefully they are back on the job today I will run past this afternoon to take a look. The side with the garages has been finished, the back walls are also finished the front & our bedroom side still has to be completed. They were hopeful that they would finish tomorrow but that was depending on the weather & having lost a days work I don't think it will happen.
The door frame has arrived & unfortunately its not what I wanted, I wanted 1 glass panel on each side that was to be done in translucent glass, because of a change in the Building code you can no longer have this & we ended up with 4 panels (2 on each side rather than 1 long one) so will wait & see how it looks as I have a thing about even numbers, (I know its pretty silly but that's me.)
The kids & I had a blast on our holidays we spent a total of 17 hours in Disneyland out of a possible 20 hours. My feet were killing me at the end of the second day & I was looking forward to sitting on that plane & not having to walk anywhere. My husband is leaving tomorrow to head off overseas so he is going to pick up all the things that I didn't get a chance to get, (he has a huge list, all for the house of course). I unfortunately will be working so I will have to pop around to the house after work. The first hotel that he booked us into was right in the middle of the bathroom & interior design shops bet he wouldn't have put me there if he knew what was so close too me!!!! He thought that I would run out of money, did I disappoint him??? well of course I did, I brought heaps back..... Well some anyway!!!!
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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

After the Rain......

Well haven't we had some rain, the brickies stopped work last Tuesday because of the weather & unfortunately didn't get to start again until Monday. They have bricked right around the bottom of the house and are now waiting for the scaffolding to arrive so that they can continue. Hopefully we will get that up before Easter. I am meeting our SS and the Kitchen people on site tomorrow to go through a few things.
I have changed a wall in the pantry and that means that the kitchen cupboards will change, boy I got to love our SS for fixing it for me.
These are the two coloured bricks that we choose, I was really concerned about the way that they would look, but we are really happy with it so far (so no need for the render just yet!!!) The feature brick is just in the front and goes right over the entrance, as you can see it is only a column at the moment, when the scaffolding arrives it will continue.
Hopefully that weather will hold so that they can finish of all the brickwork, we will lose some days because of the Easter holidays.
The kids and I are off overseas for a few weeks so I will have to leave you in the capable (well I am not really sure of that) hands of my husband, I will also be watching the blog to see what happens while we are away.
To everyone that reads this blog I would like to wish you a Safe & Happy Easter. I hope that the bunny finds you all and delivers all that yummy fabulous chocolate, hopefully he will leave some treats at our place for us to eat on our return.
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