Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Brickies Have finished....Yeah

Ok they were a great bunch of guys but I am so happy they have moved on to their next job, cause that means ours is finished. The front window sill still has to be done but that is because the scaffolding is in the way for them to put the bricks there (you can see it to the left of the photo).
The 2 different colour bricks I am really happy with & I think that it needs something as a contrast, when the handrail goes up on top of the balcony the stainless with the darker brick hopefully will look great.
Our SS called on Friday to see if we wanted the leftover bricks to which I say of course we do!!! so what do we need to do to keep them, move them to the backyard all 800 of them.
I know what you are thinking get your husband to do it, well he was relaxing in Business Class no less on his way overseas, ha ha so off we go with one of my sons besties & we moved them all today. Anyway there is new plumbing pipes downstairs so I am thinking that its for the toilets, showers etc. The tiles & gutters have been booked so hopefully some of it will happen next week.
Things are moving along, & hopefully the weather will hold for all the other outdoor things that need to be done.
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Amanda said...

Woohoo - great to see some progress with this damp weather :)