Tuesday, April 7, 2009

After the Rain......

Well haven't we had some rain, the brickies stopped work last Tuesday because of the weather & unfortunately didn't get to start again until Monday. They have bricked right around the bottom of the house and are now waiting for the scaffolding to arrive so that they can continue. Hopefully we will get that up before Easter. I am meeting our SS and the Kitchen people on site tomorrow to go through a few things.
I have changed a wall in the pantry and that means that the kitchen cupboards will change, boy I got to love our SS for fixing it for me.
These are the two coloured bricks that we choose, I was really concerned about the way that they would look, but we are really happy with it so far (so no need for the render just yet!!!) The feature brick is just in the front and goes right over the entrance, as you can see it is only a column at the moment, when the scaffolding arrives it will continue.
Hopefully that weather will hold so that they can finish of all the brickwork, we will lose some days because of the Easter holidays.
The kids and I are off overseas for a few weeks so I will have to leave you in the capable (well I am not really sure of that) hands of my husband, I will also be watching the blog to see what happens while we are away.
To everyone that reads this blog I would like to wish you a Safe & Happy Easter. I hope that the bunny finds you all and delivers all that yummy fabulous chocolate, hopefully he will leave some treats at our place for us to eat on our return.
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