Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bricking still in progress....

Well we haven't been pleasing the rain gods, our run of bad luck with the weather is still continuing. I called around yesterday but no one was working hopefully they are back on the job today I will run past this afternoon to take a look. The side with the garages has been finished, the back walls are also finished the front & our bedroom side still has to be completed. They were hopeful that they would finish tomorrow but that was depending on the weather & having lost a days work I don't think it will happen.
The door frame has arrived & unfortunately its not what I wanted, I wanted 1 glass panel on each side that was to be done in translucent glass, because of a change in the Building code you can no longer have this & we ended up with 4 panels (2 on each side rather than 1 long one) so will wait & see how it looks as I have a thing about even numbers, (I know its pretty silly but that's me.)
The kids & I had a blast on our holidays we spent a total of 17 hours in Disneyland out of a possible 20 hours. My feet were killing me at the end of the second day & I was looking forward to sitting on that plane & not having to walk anywhere. My husband is leaving tomorrow to head off overseas so he is going to pick up all the things that I didn't get a chance to get, (he has a huge list, all for the house of course). I unfortunately will be working so I will have to pop around to the house after work. The first hotel that he booked us into was right in the middle of the bathroom & interior design shops bet he wouldn't have put me there if he knew what was so close too me!!!! He thought that I would run out of money, did I disappoint him??? well of course I did, I brought heaps back..... Well some anyway!!!!
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