Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rain, Rain go away...... pretty please.

Well what can I say, take a look at the block, I know it looks more like a creek or a huge mud puddle but that hopefully soon will be our new home. If only the rain would stop for a few weeks so that they can get the slab down, the frame & bricks up & the roof on. If we all cross our fingers, toes, arms & legs it might just happen.
Went out to the display home on the weekend and tried the handles out, we need the bigger ones for the kitchen & bathroom and the smaller ones for the ensuite & maybe the powder room downstairs. I liked the look of them on the cupboards, so I am just waiting for Wisdom to tell me how many I need so that I can get them in.
I also went out and picked up the quote for the tiles & carpet, wait for it........ an extra $20,460, that was on top of the allowance that we have for all of our flooring. I knew that it was going to be huge but what really surprised me was the carpet, it was $6,600 on top of the allowance. Thats what happens when you pick a upgrade.
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Chrissie and Graham said...

Has the rain stopped long enough for them to do any more?