Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Piering nearly finished

Went out this afternoon to see what had been done today, they were waiting for the concrete truck to arrive so that all the remaining piers could be filled. It looked like a construction site today and hopefully the weather will hold out for us so that all the concreting can be done.
My other news today is I changed my mind on most of the tiles that we picked, after a sleepless night I called Anita this morning and talked to her about our choices. It was then decided to scrap most of what we had picked and start again much to my husbands horror and he now refuses to go back to the tile shop with me. Lucky I have a good friend that is willing to tough it out so we will start again on Friday and see what we can come up with.
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julianne said...

Hi Leanne,

just thought I'd have a peek & see where you are at, bit frustrating I guess but it will look great when it's finished

Julianne & bob