Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We have huge holes.

Well we have started again and hopefully weather permitting we are on our way. They were doing all the piers and they hit clay on one side and shale on the other, so the clay side had to be dug down deeper so that it hit the shale as well. The engineer had been out and had made the call that they must go deeper. The holes are around 2 metres deep and when I was there I couldn't see the bottom of them. The concrete had been ordered and the pumping truck was there to pump it in, the holes had to be filled up today as they are considered a risk if they are not filled in. It reminded me of Coober Pedy with all the holes maybe we could look for some opal in our 2 metre holes.....
We went out and brought the fans for the bedrooms and the downstairs home office today we purchased the Fanaway Fans from Beacon Lighting, they seem to suit all our needs and our eldest son went with us when we looked at them, he didn't want a fan in his bedroom but after seeing these he quickly changed his mind. They have a remote to control the fan and the light and if you are not using the fan it folds on to the top of the light so that you can't really see it. It was designed by an Australian and he first pitched his idea on The Inventers Show on the ABC in 2005, Beacon Lighting has devolped it with him to get it to what it is today.
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