Monday, March 9, 2009

Pods have been installed

The black plastic was installed on Friday and the Pods & Rio (I think that is what it is called) went down on Saturday. The guys worked really hard to get it all done. Then they were to come back today & put the timbers around the back of the house where the drop edge beams are going, and sure enough on Sunday night as we went to bed the rain started.
So the site is wet again and the guys aren't working, it is so frustrating we take a step forward & when we think we are on our way again the rain starts. I know what I should do, I will put a proposal to K. Rudd to employ me to build house's in all the driest areas of Australia and then guaranteed it will rain. New name for ones self.......Rainmaker....(when I was a kid I think the first bet I had on a Melbourne Cup was for a horse called Rain Lover, now that was a long time ago, & that will show my age.)
So the plan was to put the timbers up & pour the slab on either Tuesday or Wednesday, but we will have to keep our fingers crossed yet again for some good weather.
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