Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Drop Edge Beams

Here is a close up of the DEB at the back of the house, it is around 1.7mtrs off the ground. All I can say is it's lucky that I'm not a builder as the way I read the plans I thought that it was going to be 600mm off the ground, that's one heck of a difference!!!! We will need stairs if we want to use the yard at all ( I don't think our old dog would be able to get up on that balcony) and our staircase people will be putting them in, yesterday was the first time that I had got down to the backyard since the slab was poured, we had chucked the youngest son over the edge to see how high it was (ok well I didn't really chuck him, so no calling DOC's) and it was way over his head. The electricals are going in today and the frame may be there this afternoon, so we are off and running at a great rate, just keep those fingers crossed for none of that clear wet stuff that falls from the sky.
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Chrissie and Graham said...

You guys are in danger of catching us up at this rate! :-)