Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lunchtime Update

A quick driveby before my hairdressers appointment found a second story up with only the back walls & one front wall done, then after my appointment back I go to find all the outside walls up, the roof at the back nearly finished, the side ones done. Now I know what you are thinking her hair took hours to get all those greys out.....wrong!!!! one I don't have any greys (well I call the one that the hairdresser pulled out an albino strand) so in the 40minutes that I was gone this is what I came back to.
The roof trusses are in the front of the photo with a massive crane in the driveway, the way it is going I would think that they will be up sometime today. Could be wrong, I have been known to be wrong once or maybe twice in my life.......
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