Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bottom Frame Goes In.

Ok so it's 11.00am & I get a call from my parents, goes something like this.....Hello Darling the bottom floor is 1/2 finished, I grab the camera & race over to find the bottom floor finished & the beams going on top (fast, I knew it would be but that was really quick). The floor for the next level is there waiting to be installed and a guy arrives with 5 huge metal beams, the crane has been ordered for the lift to take place. They said that the frame for the second story will arrive in the morning so that they can put it up and then the roof will go on. Had a quick look inside it's starting to look like a house & I even went inside my walk in pantry, looks like a good place to hide when the kids are annoying me, I will put all my cookbooks in there & I will have a chill out space. I can hear it now "wheres Mum? Oh she's hiding in her pantry!!!!! My husband just told me that he had an idea for the pantry cut it in 1/2 and put a sauna in on one side.......Ha like he is going to get 1/2 of my Walk in pantry!!!! Nice try......
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F+S said...

wow! that was quick!!!