Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Work Continues........

Whats been happenning? Heaps...... Slab is finished, sewer has been connected, taps are in, new water meter has been put into the correct place (away from the driveway) water tank plumbing and the overflow pit out to the street has been installed. I dropped my youngest son at Tennis yesterday afternoon & thought I will take a drive past to see if the plumber had been, well much to my surprise he was still there and so was the digger man (that's a new technical term) much to my horror the digger was hanging off the end of the slab & I thought that the guy next door was going to get a big visitor in his backyard. Luckily it didn't happen but the plumber took me through everything that had been done, next thing my husband turns up & then our SS arrives it was a great big get together. Knew that we should have had a slab party, but my eldest thought that it was a silly idea (that's teenagers for you). Our SS had made a special trip over to see that everything had been done, it's things like this that make's us very happy, had I not been there we wouldn't have know that this had happened but we appriciate the level of service that has been given to our build. It has been a difficult slab and you will see when I post the photo's of the Drop Edge Beams why.
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