Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bedroom 1

Looks messy now, but after all the offcuts are gone it will look like our carpeted bedroom. We are so so close now & I am so so excited.
I am calling tomorrow "Super Thursday" there are so many people due to do their things at "our place" (can I call it that) that it will be so much fun to see.
Only 2 more no sleeps for us now (I call it no sleeps cause that's how much sleep I am getting)
Hopefully I will like camping at our new house if not I will go back to the rental & live in the quiet without the kids.....
The Real Estate called yesterday to ask if it was possible for us to be out for next Friday, I want to get the house all clean & lovely so I will call them on Monday to let them know.
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E+R said...

Carpet is looking great Danma, it's all happening!

Oh, I see that you got the nice glass door for the ensuite! me love it! so jealous! haha

Two more "no sleeps" Danma! not long to go at all!

danma said...

Thanks E&R, Yep we now have 1 more "no sleep" to go. I can't wait to see it all finished, it's Super Thursday today, so much is happening it will spin my head.