Monday, July 27, 2009

Concrete done.

The side & the back of the house have been concreted today but after they did it I think that the neighbours cat decided that it was a really nice place to go for it's morning walk!!!!!

Oh well the guys got it out so hopefully the cat has done it's morning exercise now & next time it comes over the concrete will be dry!!!!
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Natalie said...

Hi Danma

Thanks for getting back to me would love to drive by your house or talk to you and pump for info. I have just got back from an overseas trip and checked on your process, all looks great love the stair case. I am not on homeone can I give you my email address on this site?


danma said...

Hi Nat,
On the right hand side of the blog there is a "stainless balustrading" link click on that & go to the email link, just send me your details from there & I can email you back. Hope that makes sense.

E+R said...

How funny was that cat? He is obviously also in love with your house and could not help himself from going to have his morning look at it!!!!

danma said...

The concretors didn't think it was funny!!!! We did but!!!!