Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hot Water Thingo.....

So that's the technical term, but this is used to make the hot water circulate around the pipes so that when you turn the hot water tap on, you will get hot water. Hopefully it will help to stop the wasting of water while you wait for the hot water to get to you.

I don't know if it works as yet because the hot water system hasn't been installed & we won't get it installed until after handover.

As I type this the glass is going in!!!!! I am going back over there to see it finished they were drilling in all the stand off's when I was there (with a template) as the glass is too heavy to drill them while holding onto it. I could see the glass in the van, I just can't wait to see it in, I was awake at 4.13am this morning counting down the hours. Lets hope that I love it!!!!!
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