Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fan's are in....

The fan's have been installed in the bedroom's, these are the fanaway fan's, the blades tuck up on top of the light. Quite a good idea as you don't see the blades unless they are working.......
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JohnnyD said...

The fans look great. Are they much more expensive than the normal ceiling light fans?
Tiles are looking good too.

danma said...

Thanks Loretta the tiles are coming along I can't wait for all the wall tiles to go on. I think the fans cost about $338 each, the remote that goes with them were about $70 each. We got them for all of our bedroom's & the bedroom downstairs.They come from Beacon Lighting.

Amanda said...

danma - is that the standard distance from the ceiling for the Fanaway? It looks a little shorter than I remember.

Are you having standard ceilings upstairs or 7 foot?

danma said...

Hi Amanda, Our ceilings are the standard height upstairs. We just gave the electricians the fan's & that's how they were put in. In our bedroom I can't touch the light even on my toes, but I am only 164cm's.

peter said...

Hi Danma

we are looking at building with wisdom homes & have only just found your blog, which has been very helpful & great.
I have a question re the fanaway lights if you don't mind.
Are you happy with them, would you buy them again, any problems.
Did you have any problems with wisdom having them installed, did their electrical contractor install them & did wisdom charge you extra.

many thanks

Peter : )