Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The shelving has all gone in today, the pantry has got 4 shelves right around it. How many cookbooks can I fit in there?????
Can't wait to fill it up, even if I filled it as full as Woolworths my eldest son and his mate would have it cleared out in a week. My god teenage boys can eat, I just can't seem to fill them up.
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Natalie Davies said...

Hi there, what did you have to sacrifice to get the bigger pantry?

danma said...

Hi Nat, We took the toilet out & moved it.That pantry space is where the toilet is in The Ponds but we have it facing the kitchen. We put a powder room in between the front office & media room. So there is also now a shower downstairs. I can post a pick of the other side if you want it. Just let me know.

Natalie said...

that was a good idea, we thought of that but it was too expensive. we have made the powder room into a bathroom and moved that complete side towards the front another half a metre forward to make the pantry bigger. Hope it works better than whats on display.

Were your bricks an upgrade?

danma said...

Hi Nat,
No the bricks were in the standard range.
I am sure that your pantry will work we didn't like the one in the display as there is a bit of wasted space in it.