Monday, July 13, 2009

Kitchen Photo Part 4....

Woo Hoo, the splashback is in. I went over earlier this morning to find the plumbers there fixing a leak from the bath. They were running all the taps to make sure that there was no other leaks, all is fixed now, so that is good news. The leak was found on Saturday afternoon & the plumbers were there first thing Monday to fix it, the water had been turned off so that no water could leak out over the weekend.

My husband went over to measure up the Media Room for their new Television & sound stuff & he went in & thought something was different but couldn't work out what it was. That was until the guys said to him did you see the splashback!!!!! So he gives me a call to tell me it's in & I have to wait for him to come back to work for me to go over.
As soon as he gets in I'm off to go & check it out. Pick up the kids plus a extra one & Grandma & off we go, I just get a laugh from them when I walk in. You know that laugh, I knew it wouldn't take you long to get here!!!! Oh well that's part of the fun of building isn't it????

I want to take all that cardboard off the benchtops but that will have to wait till the painting is finished & the silicone is all done.
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F+S said...

Splashback looks fantastic, danma! I love all of your picture updates because we've basically chosen all the same colours!!

danma said...

Thank you, we are really really happy with everything,I am sure that you will be as well.
I love going over there to see what I can take a pic of.

Natalie Davies said...

Hi Danma your house is looking great, can you tell me what your tiles are in the kitchen and is it a smaller version in the laundry and powder room. Nat

danma said...

Thank You, The kitchen floor tiles will be the same as the floor tiles in the bathrooms & laundry, but they will be the bigger size tile 600x600 the colour is Ash. They are being laid today, so hopefully some pics this afternoon. The laundry splashback is the mosaic tile in the same range but the colour is Mocha.