Thursday, July 23, 2009

And a close-up....

All that stress over the stand-off's being scratched in the air freight shipment that we got is all behind us now. I remember opening the box to find them so badly damaged that I nearly chucked the biggest wobble on the planet. My husband was overseas so I thought better of it as it wasn't worth the effort as no-one would have seen it anyway.
They remade them, packed them individually in layers & layers of bubblewrap & sent them again. We had them custom made so that the stand-off 's (the bottom one) & the handrail fitting were the same size.

The stairs have to be sanded & lacquered again so they will be a little bit darker than what is coming up in the pic here at the moment.
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southies said...

As I posted on Homeone - just stunning danma! I'm green with envy!

danma said...

Thanks southies, we are very very happy with it. It has taken a long time to get it all together. I was so excited when they put it in.