Sunday, July 19, 2009

Light Fitting

We have picked this fitting for the void above the staircase. I had found a large aluminium ball that I thought would look good, but my husband & kids didn't like it (it was less than 1/2 the price of this one).

We went shopping yesterday & found this light, my husband liked it, that was until he found out the price, it's got a massive price tag, but hey you can't take it with you, so we might as well go the whole hog. But after getting our eldest son to photoshop it into the space & going back there today, we have decided that we love it & it will fit in the space that we want it to go in to.

We now can be called Mr & Mrs Upgrade.........& the upgrade kids...... (hope my Father's not reading this, he thinks that I am OTT!!)
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E+R said...

Love it! it's going to be such a WOW effect Mrs Upgrade!

danma said...

Thanks guys, we love it too. Just hope it looks fantastic when we get it in.

E+R said...

I'm sure it will!

southies said...

Hey there I know what you's huuuuge. Talk about WOW factor. Your entry is going to look just fabulous. You lucky girl!!!

danma said...

Thanks southies, I can't wait till it all goes in. We just love it, will post pics as soon as we have them.