Friday, August 21, 2009

Our doggie is home....

He came back this afternoon & he has seemed to have settled in really quickly (let's hope that I don't jinx myself).
He is so thin & the vet told my husband that he was refusing to eat (so he went on a hunger strike in protest). They called into work on their way home & I had some chicken that was left over from my lunch & he ate it up so quickly & was looking for more. I have feed him 3 times already as I want him to get a lot of little bits of food, to try & fatten him up.
We won't take him for a walk outside as someone will report me for sure as they will think that I have starved him. He is skinny anyway but he is a bag of bones at the moment.
We also have got some tadpoles in a water bowl in the garden so we will keep an eye on them & hopefully soon we will have frogs.....
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