Saturday, August 1, 2009

Downstairs Guest Room

It's a really hard room to photograph, but this is the best I could do. I used my youngest son's summer quilt cause the one that I have for this bed is on our bed at the moment. I know that it doesn't match but it is only temporary.
We will put a chair at the desk in the corner so it will become a laptop desk, so if anyone stays they will be able to surf the net. We will also put in a TV, I am not sure what type at the moment.

It so feels like home, even yesterday in all the mess it was just gorgeous.

The kids are loving it, I still have to get the fences finished hopefully that will be next week. And then they can start on the landscaping. So much to do & so little time......Who said that????
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Natalie said...

everything looks great, you must be relieved and very happy to have settled in. I love your alfresco area, we will have to do something very similar as we will have four steps down, will keep your business in mind when the time comes. Nat

danma said...

Hi Nat,
Yes, we are really happy with everything that Wisdom have done, they have been fantastic. If everything goes the same way as our build you will be too. The Alfresco looks great, the neighbours all comment on it as we don't have any fences so they can see in. It felt like our home on Friday even in all the mess.