Monday, August 10, 2009

The light is in....

It is really hard to take a pic that does this light justice. Everyone that has seen it so far has said "Wow" so I am not sure if they hate it or love it. Even the kids came home after it had been installed & that was what they said, but they think it's just fantastic.

It is reflecting off the glass so you get to see it twice, as you walk in the door you see it first in the glass & then as you walk in & look up you get the whole thing. I think it is divine & it certainly makes a statement, it took the electrician till 2.30 yesterday to get it in. we had to hire scaffolding to install it as each of the crystals were hung individually. I unwrapped all the crystal things while my husband went over to the rental & cleaned out the shed & did the back yard.

I took the keys back to the Real Estate this morning, talk about being treated like the dirt at the front door by the girl that took them. I think that she thought that she was much better than I was, as I was just handing back keys to a rental property!!!! I am sure she would have changed her attitude if I was the landlord.... Anyway she was doing the inspection this afternoon at 4.00 she said that I could go if I wanted to be there but I had kids that were coming home from School so it was much more important to be with them!!!!!
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southies said...

OMG danma!!!!!!!
It is just divine!!!!! And it goes so beautifully with your glass staircase. Talk about making a grand statement with your foyer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JohnnyD said...

Absolutely beauuuuutiful danma!!! Sounds like it was a major operation to install it!!
Yes some real estate agents treat you so differently when you are a 'renter'.We were lucky to have a nice one that came to do a routine inspection today...I was very impressed that she was looking under the sink/vanities & at the cornices/ceilings for water damage etc.
Looking forward to more pics,

E+R said...

OMG WOW is the right word! and then divine, beautiful, gorgeous and more! it looks fantastic! what an effect and like you say you can see it twice, first on the glass and then when you look up! can't wait to see it in real life!

You've nailed it, you have the wow effect big time, it's awesome!!!!

danma said...

Thank you so much for all you lovely comments we just love everything about it. It looks great at night & I can't stop walking up to it just to look at it. The kids are just used to me now at first I am sure that they thought their mother was mad.....