Wednesday, August 5, 2009

1/2 a new dining room table.

We have been so busy, the removalist's were I thought booked to come on Monday at 7.00am but when they were not there at 7.30 I called them to see if they were on their way, only to be told oh no you are booked in for Tuesday....... So we didn't get all our stuff in till yesterday. The garage has most of our stuff in it & I have been sorting through it all very slowly. Some things will have to go into the shed, which won't be installed until tomorrow. I am going over to the rental to give it a clean with the cleaning lady tomorrow, so I will be going between the two houses.
So why do we have only 4 chairs & we should have 10, they delivered 6 but I sent 1 back because it had a scratch on it, well they called yesterday to say that all the chairs will be delivered on Thursday. We are thinking of hanging the picture in the niche up, it should hang the other way so I have put it there to see if I can live with it.
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Natalie said...

I love it. good to see a rectangle table over the square thats on display. Is there plenty of room around it? Had a chat with Wisdom today over either having a three step down into the dining/kitchen area or have four steps off the back Alfresco to ground level. We are on a slope as well but not as sloppy as your bloke. Did you consider the inside step at all.


danma said...

Thanks Nat, it extends again so that we can seat 10 if we need to. There is plenty of room around it & you don't really see it from the front door. If we did ours again we probably would have had a step down or at least had under the house storage, we were to have a 60cm drop out the back but we ended up with a 1.4mtr drop, not sure how it happened. When it was done it was too late to do anything about it. The only good thing is that we do have views over to Menai, Hurstville & you can see some of the city. At night from the boy's rooms they get to see all the lights.