Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Guest Bedroom

The blinds are in, I still haven't found the perfect picture for the wall behind the bed, but I am looking.
I made this quilt for our bed for the other house that we were building but when it all went pear shaped I lost interest in it. Anyway I got my act together & finished it off & here it is. We brought a new bed for ourselves & it doesn't fit on it so the guest bedroom gets to use it.
I just need to find a couple of bedside lights for here & the picture & this room will be finished.
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Natalie said...

all looks great. Did you get blinds like these through out the house? I love the light, what do you do to change the bulb?

danma said...

Thanks Nat, yes the blinds are the same right through the house. Two of the high windows only have the sunscreens on them but all the rest have the double blinds.
The light has 18 bulbs in it, we are hoping that it doesn't have to be changed too often but we can reach over the glass on the stairs to get to it. Not sure if we can get to all of them this way but fingers crossed it will all work out ok.