Friday, August 21, 2009

What a difference a day makes....

We have a backyard, the kids have been kicking the ball around & climbing the tree. A friend suggested that we get a seat built around the tree in the middle. We had a couple of girls over from school yesterday & they were in the tree as well. It's a weed tree but it's a great climbing tree, I wonder who will break their arm first??? Our dog is coming home today, he has been at the kennels for 3 weeks so I am sure that he will have lost a huge amount of weight, he misses us heaps but he will be back up to his skinny self in no time (he is a whippet, so he is really skinny anyway).
I have been planting some of the plants that I had in pots along the fence & I think that I will get some other plants over the weekend, hopefully the weather will be good.
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JohnnyD said...

Your backyard looks great wouldn't think it was a building site a few weeks ago!!You are so lucky to have some established trees in your yard...the advantage of doing a knockdown! My dad built a seat around a tree at their house & it looked great & was a nice spot to sit.Looks like it will be a nice weekend for gardening,there is a nice nursery in Peakhurst called Altra nursery.
Your dog will love that backyard.
Happy gardening,

southies said...

Looking good danma! I didn't realise how much I'd miss grass until now. I'm jealous as we're still living in dirt. Grrrrr

Has the front been done?

danma said...

Thanks Loretta, will pop over to Peakhurst to the nursery on the weekend, I am hoping to go to Revesby markets on Saturday as well for a few plants.Our neighbour wanted us to knock those trees down, but I thought that they would be good climbing tree's for the boys.
Yes southies it's all done, I will take a pic over the weekend of it all done, we still have the scrappy letterbox, the tenant took the letterbox & left us a dented fluro orange number!!!
It's a shocker!!!!!