Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's Ours.....

We are in, really really tired but very happy. We had our handover at 7.30am on Friday & there was a huge surprise waiting for me in that our CSO was here (unfortunately she left Wisdom a month ago). It was so good to see her & she is as much a part of this build as we are (the beautiful flowers were a gift from her).
We moved some of our stuff in, most of the beds, we have sheets on the window's in the front until the blinds are ready in around a week.
The kitchen did not look like this last night & I don't want to blog the pic as it was a bit like a bomb site.......But today is another story, I had a roast in the oven (when I took the pic) & we have had a baked dinner, I have cupcakes in now so far so good.

Our dishwasher won't go in until next week, but I can wait for that.......
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JohnnyD said...

WOW... you are soooooo organised Danma!Cooking in your kitchen already but I get the impression that you love to cook so you probably couldn't wait!Have you seen the cupcake thread by Michelle on H1?
Your kitchen looks beautiful & I'm sure your boys will make good dishwashers ha ha.
Enjoy your new home & I hope you have caught up on some sleep.

danma said...

Hey Loretta, I have been waiting to use this kitchen for at least 12 months, so it was great to finally have the appliances& the space. I quickly forgot that I had been waiting so long. Had a good nights sleep last night, thank goodness.
Yes I saw the cupcake thread, I love making cookies & cupcakes, will make some the day that you guys come over.