Monday, August 17, 2009

Work in progress

The landscapers came today & they have leveled out the backyard & put a heap of soil on top of that. They will lay the turf tomorrow & I can't wait for that as it is so very dirty & dusty out there. As soon as they did their bit in the yard it looked 100% better so I am sure when the turf goes down it will look fantastic.
I now have a clothesline, gave it a big workout yesterday with the lovely weather that Sydney put on for my new line......
The dining room table has gone back, they brought out a replacement bottom for it (as it wasn't sliding properly) but they couldn't fix it so they took everything back. I now have 10 chairs & nothing to put them under......
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E+R said...

Looking great Danma! I can't wait for that turf to go down, the yard will look so nice and finished!

You have heaps of room in that yard, lovely!