Monday, September 14, 2009

New lounge after the long wait....

We got one!!!! that's the lounge. It is beautiful & the best thing was I went to have a look at it on Thurday night after Cricket training,that was after my husband had found it late on Thursday afternoon. Then my husband & eldest son came over & we paid the deposit at 8.00pm & they delivered it at 1.00pm on Friday. Now that is service for you.
After the lounge arrived I went looking for a rug & found 2 that I liked, my husband found 2 more & brought 4 rugs home to try them & we liked this one the most.
It is Analine leather & it is so comfortable & soft to touch.
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JohnnyD said...

It looks simply stunning danma,just like a display home!WOW you are game having a white lounge...are the boys allowed to use it? I have always loved the look of white lounges but would be worried about keeping it clean!Good choice with the it.where did you buy it?Coffee table also looks good... you should be a decorator danma!