Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New dining room table

Our new dining room table arrived a week or so ago, but I haven't had a lot of time to take a pic of it. But here it is now, I love it. That is much to my husbands horror as the table we had would not sit straight where the glass extensions met. They had 4 goes at getting it right but it just would not sit right, so I decided that we would go & have a look at a different table as we were not meant to get that one.
So we went to Alexandria on a Thursday night & I found this one, it's Italian with the most beautiful leather seats & they are so soft & smooth, but it came with the huge price tag. Oh well I think that it's gorgeous even though the husband & son like the other one!!!!!!

So today brought a few more drama's to our life, we brought a new leather lounge from Myers back in the beginning of June & was told that it would take around 12 weeks to arrive. The delivery date was the 2/9/09 so yesterday I started chasing it again as I am sick of not having a lounge in the room that it was for.
After no real answer I called again today & was told that I would get it delivered either late this week or early next week. Then I get a call from the company that Myers ordered the lounge from only to tell me that there was a delay & it would be another 8 weeks till we got the lounge.
Well, NO it won't be another 8 weeks because I have cancelled it, I then rang Myers & told them & I also am going to send the rug back that we brought to go with the lounge. After all this the guy at Myers called me back & then told me that the supplier hadn't even ordered the new lounge. Well that is fantastic customer service I would say!!!!! Not!!!!!
And then to top the day off, we are still waiting for the cheque from the Real Estate for the rent that we are owed & some emergency electrical work that had to be done on the house that we paid for. After chasing them for around a month, the girl that I have dealt with told me to take them to the tribunal to get the money back!!!!
So I rang the tribunal & they said they have 14 days from the date of the electrical work being done to give us the money back for that & it was done on the 25/7 a lot more than 14 days, I would think!!!
I was so angry with them, we used to pay our rent 8 weeks in advance, we got the bond back on the 20/8 & she tells me to take them to the tribunal. Well you know what, I will because now they have got me really angry, so I have started the process today they have 7 days to pay the money or it's off to court we go!!!!
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JohnnyD said...

I love your dinning table danma...It matches well with your decor.Sorry to hear about your other dramas,I won't be lounge shopping at Myer that's for sure!Plush have nice lounges but I think you have to wait a while for them.What a way to be treated after you have been perfect tenants!They deserve to be taken to the tribunal & you will win the case.
Good luck with it all,

E+R said...

Hiya Danma,

I LOVE that table! I personally like it better than the other one, it will match your kitchen cupboards better and you don't see through it and it keeps the extension panels in it, as well as just looking pretty! Tell hubby and son (is it E or D) that this one is much nicer! ;-)

Oh darling, Myers really screwed you up big time, so glad you told them where to stick their lounge, what a terrible Customer Service! ahhh

Well, that silly Estate Agent deserves being taken to the tribunal, after how well you guys looked after the house and so good paying in advance they now come back with this? ridiculous! good luck, I hope you can get some results soon!