Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A clean bedroom....

I spent the morning with some help from the boys cleaning up this room.
There is still some more to do but it will do for now, We then spent the later part of the afternoon at the doctors because guess who has a broken arm????
Yes it's our youngest!!!
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southies said...

Hi there danma!! *waves* Sorry to hear about your boy's injury. Is he the type to go 'crazy' while recuperating ???

If you don't mind me asking, where did you get your son's bookcase?

danma said...

Hey southies the bookcase came from Freedom it slides in & out so you can make it bigger or smaller.
He got a nice red cast on his arm today & he is counting down the days till he can play cricket....

southies said...

Geez, I really feel for him Danma. It's going to be a long few weeks for him!
And thanks for that info!

BTW, I've gone back to Glen again. I haven't told him yet, but I'm pretty sure I'll give him the job to do my curtains. I've also recently given him work for my mum. His prices are the best!