Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Look at my arm!!!!

The back slab is going on tomorrow & the full cast probably on Monday as it is too swollen for a full cast.
He did it at soccer training he hadn't even started he was wanting to try out to be the goal keeper for a week when their keeper was going to be away & something happened & he hit his arm on the post.
So no soccer, no indoor cricket, no winter cricket, no school sport & no huge bike ride that we were going to do with 8 boys in tow on Friday. Oh well hopefully he will be all good for the cricket finals & lucky it's his left arm as he can still bowl, but he is to try out for a Rep Cricket team as a bowler & wicket keeper that may now just be a dream, till next year.......
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JohnnyD said...

Oh your poor baby! Why is that boys always seem to be proud of their injuries??? I'm sure you will be giving him lots of TLC. Lucky he got to tidy his room 1st.


danma said...

Probably because they are boys!!! He has a nice red cast on & he wants to belt his brother with it!!!

danma said...
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