Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My favourite arcade

Isn't this just beautiful? It's the Block arcade & in the foreground you can see the Hopetoun Tea rooms....yum,yum,yum. We drop the boy off every morning & head straight in there, we look in all the windows & then head straight to the Haigh chocolate shop for our morning fix.
Maybe not this morning cause after he finished work yesterday we hit the Lindt store & guess who's eyes were bigger than their stomach???
Chocolate waffles with chocolate ice cream & chocolate sauce it looked fantastic but way to much chocolate, oh & the drink to go with it, a hot chocolate of course.
We found another arcade yesterday but we only got to the middle & turned around & came out quick smart there was a group of young ones in there, some were punks, some were well just very different, one girl was bald with a spray of green hair in the front, another one was smoking something that was about 1/2 metre long. What was it, I don't know but it looked weird, they did look quite amazing though.
We are off to the hallowed grounds of the MCG today, to go the sports museum. The weather has been bitterly cold with a wind that I am sure is coming from Antartica, it has rained everyday since we got here, it is weird because one minute it's sunny & then it's pouring down.
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southies said...

Just beautiful L! Yes I remember it from our April visit.
Did the selfguided walking arcade tour also. Just a wonderful thing to do when in M, regardless of the changeable weather down there.
Aaahh M. Just love that city!