Thursday, September 30, 2010

My new home!!!!

Oh, what could you do with this, I would love to live in this building, it is just stunning. We found it yesterday when we were walking up to pick up the "working one", but didn't have the camera, a different story today.
We caught the train out to Spotswood to go to Scienceworld, had a great time but it was really crowded, it has a test yourself against Cathy Freeman, well, yes we had to do it, my time was 3.78 ( I am sure it was quicker) & the youngest's time was 2.14 & Cathy's time was 2.00, so back to some training if I want to take my position on the Australian Olympic Team for London......
We went up to Chinatown to have dinner but with two kids that think cheese or butter on pasta is disgusting things were bound to end in a few prawn crackers & 2 meals that all they ate were the noodles & that was our dining experience (bring on Christmas, we are heading deep into China with no McDonald's, that will be interesting, rice for all 3 meals)
We tried to get into the Tim Burton exhibition but the line was too long, will try again tomorrow.
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southies said...

What a lovely building L. Just so full of different to our current homes, don't you think? lol.

Oh yeah! know about the limited diet of young ones!!! *rolls eyes*. So frustrating & even more so when they stubbornly refuse to TRY anything! ugh!!!!

Glad you're enjoying your break - hope the weather is kind to you.

danma said...

Thanks southies, yes we are having fun, Dan is enjoying the work experience, wouldn't this be a fantastic home it would cost a bomb but it would be beautiful.
Yep the kids drive me nuts with their diet, I would love them to broaden it just a little.
Weather is nice today sunny with no wind.